COMPOSITION or How to compose a picture?

Hi everybody, Whether you talk a little composition STAGING articles and the POSE but I wanted to dig a little deeper theme… The composition serves you to define an approach and direct the attention of […]

AGENDA or How to organize your time?

Hi everybody, A good time management is essential, especially when you are working alone. In my case, writing articles every month requires a certain discipline and good organization and even more now […]

SKILLS or What skills do you need to be a good animator?

Hi everybody, Who has not wondered what could he improve to meet the industry expectations? Based on my experience as a recruiter and on different offers, I have decided to create the profile of what would be the perfect animator […]

BLOCKING or How to create a good blocking step by step?

Hi everybody, For me, the Blocking phase is the crucial part of the development of a shot. In that stage, you will have to mark all the necessary information of timing and posing so your director will perfectly understand the acting decisions you are going to take […]

MOTIVATION or how to think positive?

Hi everybody, Some years ago, I gave a talk about motivation and to earn the interest of my students started with that punchline : "Animate is frustrating!»(Well, "Frustrating" was not exactly the word I use…) It is true that […]

X-SHEET or The tool I use to plan my shot?

Hi everybody, Traditional animators always use to have an Exposure Sheet to plan their shots and transmit the information to inbetweeners. Besides, they used to combine this planning with some thumbnails… Personally, […]