You are in the middle of working on your animation and you need a fresh eye? ?…Send me your animation, I will give you a constructive critique and will help you improve your level.

During the 10 years I've spent in the animation industry, I have had the opportunity to work as a supervising animator on several feature and short films and as a director of an animation academy.

My feedbacks

That's why, I can bring you an honest and effective feedback in which I'll detect your errors, I will explain where they come from and give you solutions to avoid repeating them.

I can provide those corrections in Spanish, French and English.

Kinds of feedbacks

Syncsketch Notes

10 minutes

Written annotations via SyncSketch


Offline Video

25 minutes

Video review that I'll upload once finished to Vimeo with a password.


Skype 1 on 1

55 minutes

Online chat in which I will resolve your doubts on several issues or correct your shot live.


If you are interested, send me an email at :

Payments can be sent through Paypal.

Tell me what kind of feedback you would like to receive (Syncsketch/Offline/Skype) and any other information.