AGENDA or How to organize your time?

Hi everybody,
A good time management is essential, especially when you are working alone.
In my case, writing articles every month requires a certain discipline and good organization and even more now that I'm thinking about creating tutorials.
Based in part on the pomodoro technique, here goes how I organized my tasks day by day.

Before starting, I usually create 3 Excel spreadsheets to write down my notes:

The first thing you have to do is to identify what are your goals to avoid getting lost along the way and waste your time.

Then, you have to create categories (Work, Leisure, Daily homeworks,…) to group the tasks and batch your work.

Write down everything you have in mind before starting your month or a project.

For each identified task, classify and sort them according to their importance and urgency.

Define how many time you will need for each task.

Once I have written down my tasks, I analyze the time available.
We all have daily tasks and schedules we have to respect (Work schedules, mealtimes, breaks, SLEEP) These tasks will form the spine bone of your schedule.

Everyone has specific and different times (from person to person) in which they happen to be more productive. To be more efficient is important to determine when you are the most productive : Morning / Afternoon, Day / Night even consider seasons.

Delimit your times and create blocks of times for each activity.

Well now that we have our list of tasks and use of time, we will organize our agenda.
Put down all your appointments on the agenda.

Write down your deadlines and goals.

To finish, you will just have to fill in the time blocks you have created in your schedule in order to reach your goals.


Time thieves
The best way to save time is to know when you are losing it. Every day we have distractions (Internet, chats, etc…) we must avoid to meet our objectives.

Learn to say no
In many occasions, not knowing how to say no becomes one of the greatest enemies of our productivity. Transmit to your partner politely but firmly that you can not attend him right now but you will dedicate him time when your schedule allows you to.

Follow your action plan with discipline and try work on one thing at a time.

On the other hand, No plan is perfect! You will have to accept sometimes some unexpected event. and evaluate their importance and urgency.

Personally, I consider my personal time very precious and try to be as effective as possible in my duties to avoid having to use that time.

Apply the CAMD technique when you define your goals. Your goals have to be Concrete, Achievable, Measurable and have Deadlines.

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I hope that was usefull…
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