COMPOSITION or How to compose a picture?

Hi everybody, Whether you talk a little composition STAGING articles and the POSE but I wanted to dig a little deeper theme… The composition serves you to define an approach and direct the attention of […]

X-SHEET or The tool I use to plan my shot?

Hi everybody, Traditional animators always use to have an Exposure Sheet to plan their shots and transmit the information to inbetweeners. Besides, they used to combine this planning with some thumbnails… Personally, […]

B-SHEET or The tool I use to sort the director's notes

Hi everybody, As I explained in a previous article, it is essential to recover all the information needed to create your shot. (See CASTING & LAUNCH) Many of us simply take note of these notes in a notebook but […]

GATHERING or How to find an idea?

Hi everybody, It is not always easy to start a plane from scratch, either for a contest or a personal work… Many of us found a rig, an audio or an idea with which we want to work […]