X-SHEET or The tool I use to plan my shot?

Hi everybody,

Traditional animators always use to have an Exposure Sheet to plan their shots and transmit the information to inbetweeners. Besides, they used to combine this planning with some thumbnails…

Personally, the X sheet helps me not only when exploring but also as a roadmap to record myself.

As I explained before, my methodology when planning is as follows:
– Write down the dialogue and transcribe it phonetically
– Locate accents
– Associate those accents with time information
– Note some actions and moods in relation with those accents
– Draw some thumbnails in relation with everything above

That's why, I decided to create a template to group together all those datas.


Sequence : Name of the sequence
Shot : Number of the shot
Part : Part of the shot
Length : Length of the shot
Deadline : Deadline
Dialogue : Transcript of the dialogue
Beat : Notes about audio (intonation, accents and pauses)
Time : Number of the frames in which the accents are placed
Lipsync : Phonetic transcription of the dialogue
Action : Action occuring in a concrete beat
Mood : Mood of the character on that beat
Thumbnails : Small sketches to plan animation

I will explain later on my approach to create the LIPSYNC and I will give you some tips about THUMBNAILS.

NOTE : Here I left the link to download the Template.

I hope that was usefull…
Keep animating!!!






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