BLOCKING or How to create a good blocking step by step?

Hi everybody, For me, the Blocking phase is the crucial part of the development of a shot. In that stage, you will have to mark all the necessary information of timing and posing so your director will perfectly understand the acting decisions you are going to take […]

STAGING or How to make a Rough Blocking?

Hi everybody, To do a Rough Blocking, it only takes few steps but, from my point of view, it is the most important phase. Once an animator told me : “The aim of blocking is rough […]

TECHNICAL LAYOUT or How to prepare a scene?

Hi everybody, As they often say : “Prevention is better than cure”. That's why when it comes to start a drawing, In addition to good planning, It is convenient to have a good technical layout. Often I had to rethink a blocking […]

TOOLS or How to equip yourselves with tools?

Hi everybody, On a day-to-day of an animator we usually loose a lot of time with repetitive and heavy tasks which increase the factor of human error but we often forgot an important fact: We work with computers that can do those […]

PLANNING or How to plan your shot?

Hi everybody, The nine old men used to say “Spend half of your time planning and the other half animating“. I am aware that everyone will have their own methodology when planning, but I think that even if we use different tools, […]