GENERAL WORKFLOW or What are the different steps to create a shot?

Hi everybody,

When you are creating a shot, the fact of skipping a step may cause delays and loss of energy.

Every animator has his own nomenclature but, as far as I could observed, everyone follow the same steps.

There goes my checklist with those different steps and what I am doing on each of them… I hope that you'll use it as a base.

STAGE 1 : CASTING & LAUNCH – Get all the information you need
Search for all the information necessary to do what the director and production asked you.

STAGE 2 : PLANNING – Explore
Plan your work to be clear and original.

STAGE 3 : TECHNICAL LAYOUT – Prevent future problems
Investigate all the technical problems that you may find and prepare your scene to avoid them and be effective.

STAGE 4 : STAGING or ROUGH BLOCKING – Determine your approach
Do your staging and check if your storytelling and choreography are working.

STAGE 5 : BLOCKING – Put rythm
Do the blocking of all the main poses to transmit to your director all the information of timing and poses.

STAGE 6 : BLOCKING ADVANCE – Search for energy
Seek for the energy of your shot and check that the physical properties works thanks to your rhythm and spacing.

STAGE 7 : SPLINNING – Search for fluidity
Go on spline mode to be sure that body dynamics works and everything is fluid and readable for your director.

STAGE 8 : POLISHING – Finishing and refining
Refine your shot, Check arcs and add more texture.

STAGE 9 : SHIPPING – Send the shot
Check that your shot is clean, with the right nomenclature for the following departments and check that everyone knows.

There is a stage 0 to add to this list and it's when you start the shot from zero.
I call that stage GATHERING and it is used to find a good idea for a personal work or contest.

I'll detailing each step in my next articles…

I hope that was usefull
Keep animating!!!

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