OBSERVATION or How to read a reference video?

Hi everybody, You surely have heard that the key to be a good animator lies in those 3 words: Observation, observation and observation. It seems quite easy but when you're starting in the world of animation, you may ask yourself: «Vale, I go […]

REFERENCES or How to find inspiration for your shot?

Hi everybody, When I was studying illustration, the director of the school used to say: "We are big on the shoulders of giants" If you are lucky enough to work in a studio, you'll be able to check the storyboards, animatics, recordings […]

"PATEGO" or the magic word for creating a good level

Hi everybody, PATEGO means stupid in Portuguese…Done, end of the post! Ok, I gonna explain a little bit more. Have you ever wondered how, along an animation production, planes or people who had special […]

GLOSSARY or the most used terms in 3D animation

Hi everybody, People often asked me the meaning of this or that word… The truth is that is not easy to clarify terminology so I've noticed that some animators used to be confused with the […]

TIMING o What are the 3 Keys to a good Timing?

Hi everybody, It is easier to detect bad timing problems rather than to explain how to do it right, Yet I think from my point of view, it's like the sense of rythm, it's quite innate. Basically, the timing is […]

STAGING or How to make a Rough Blocking?

Hi everybody, To do a Rough Blocking, it only takes few steps but, from my point of view, it is the most important phase. Once an animator told me : "The aim of the rough blocking is […]

TECHNICAL LAYOUT or How to prepare a scene?

Hi everybody, As they often say : "Prevention is better than cure". That's why when it comes to start a drawing, In addition to good planning, It is convenient to have a good technical layout. Often I had to rethink a blocking […]

POSE or All you need to know to make a good pose

Hi everybody, I wanted to write some articles about the different stages of workflow, until I realized that I had to talk about the cornerstone of animation first : The pose. I was recently talking with a former student […]

TOOLS or How to equip yourselves with tools?

Hi everybody, On a day-to-day of an animator we usually loose a lot of time with repetitive and heavy tasks which increase the factor of human error but we often forgot an important fact: We work with computers that can do those […]