"PATEGO" or the magic word for creating a good level

Hi everybody,

PATEGO means stupid in Portuguese…Done, end of the post!
Ok, I gonna explain a little bit more.

Have you ever wondered how, along an animation production, some shots or characters whithout special interest turn to be great shots thanks to some talented animators?

I analyzed what would be the difference between an ordinary and a good animator and conclude that it could resume in one word: «PATEGO».
Let's go a bit backwards…

First thing's first. remember the objective of any animator is to transmit director's intentions. (View Article CASTING & LAUNCH)
Intention and message : What transmits the shot, what is the purpose of the shot?
Character : Who is the character?
Action : What does he do?
Dialogue : What does he really mean?
Monologue : What is going through his mind, what does he think?
Mood : How does he feel?
Style : What is the style of my shot?
At that point, your main concern will be to do it CLEARLY (through Poses, Timing and Details) and BELIEVABLY (through Body Dynamics, Character Analysis and Movement Fluidity).

Right, you've already done 50% of a good shot.

PATEGO simply is an acronym for Pose = Appeal, Timing = Entertaining and Gestures = Original.


Your poses must transmitted 100% of the message with the highest appeal as possible. Check if body mechanics are well built, if you have used everything to direct the viewer attention, to be readen at first sigh thanks to the silhouette , and if you exaggerated enough and avoid clichés or twinning (Check the article POSE)

Chosen timing will allow to read perfectly actions, make physical laws believable and movement visually interesting and pleasing. Think about Rhythm, Texture, Musicality, Contrast and Exaggeration. (Check the article TIMING)

To finish, check if movements suits to your character and only this character ! Check that both movements as details and secondaries actions supports your character acting. (See HOW TO EXPLORE AN ACTING)

Keep in mind this acronym and check those 3 points while doing your planning or your blocking.

I hope that was usefull…
Keep animating!!!



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    1. Hi Lucas,
      When I created that acronyme, I checked on google if it meant something and find out it got that meaning. Now I’m no expert at portuguese 🙂
      Thanks for helping me improving my knowledge.
      Hope you liked that article by the way

    1. Hi Mohamed,
      Unfortunatly this rig is not for sale.
      Never the less, I’m creating rigs for sale I’m pretty sure you’ll like it,
      Stay tune 😉

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