B-SHEET or The tool I use to sort the director's notes

Hi everybody (Translation in progress),

As I explained in a previous article, It is essential to recover all the information needed to create your flat. (See CASTING & LAUNCH)
Many of us simply take note of these notes in a notebook but having to make a long or complicated plane is usually lost or ignore some data on the way.

So it occurred to me to create a planning sheet to gather all this information in one place.

Here I share with you my B-sheet, “B” coming from Briefing he is done with the director to retrieve all necessary data :


Sequence : Name Sequence
Shot : Number plane
Part : Part of the plane
Length : Duration plane
Deadline : Deadline
Intention & Message : Purpose plane
Style : Tone up (Dramatic or Comedy)
Timing/Movement : Notes timing. Use this part to target different speeds : NORMAL, FAST, SLOW (See TIMING)
Character : Character(s) in the plane
Action : Character actions
True Dialogue : What we really want to convey
Monologue/Inner Thought : What you're thinking
Mood : Character moods
Gesture : Notes gestures and movements
Interactions : Objects with which it interacts
References : own references or suggested by the director
Technical : technical notes (Simulation, falseo, etc…)
Hook up : Notes fitting
Map / Staging : Aerial map and staging notes
Rough Sketch / Composition : Vignettes to define compositions
Notes : Other notes

Once all this information targeted, I can move on to the exploration phase.
For that I have another tool that simplifies my life : the X-SHEET.

NOTE : Here I leave the link to download the Template.

I hope that was usefull…
Keep animating!!!



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