“PATEGO” or The magic word to create a good shot

Hi everybody (Translation in progress),

PATEGO means stupid in Portuguese…It is done, End of Article!
Vale, I will develop a little more.

I have you ever wondered how, along animation production, planes or people who had no special interest planes become stars passing through the hands of this or that animator?

I analyzed what would be the difference between an ordinary entertainer and a good entertainer and concludes that could be summed up in one word: “PATEGO”.
Let's go back a little back…

THE OBJECT : TRANSMIT clearly and credibly
First thing's first. Recollect that the objective of any animator is to convey the director's intentions. (View Article CASTING & LAUNCH)
Intention and message : What transmits the shot, what is the purpose of the shot?
Character : Who is the character?
Action : What does he do?
Dialogue : What does he really mean?
Monologue : What is going through his mind, what does he think?
Mood : How does he feel?
Style : What is the style of my shot?
at that point, your main concern will be to do so CLARA (through the Poses, the timing and details) and CREDIBLE (a través del Body Dynamics, Character Analysis and Fluidity of movement).

However, already you have made 50% a good shot.

PATEGO is simply an acronym for Pose with Appeal, Entertaining and gestures Original Timing.


Your poses must be transmitted to 100% the message with the highest possible aesthetics. Please check that they are well built to the level of body mechanics, they have used every means to direct the viewer attention, to be read at first glance through the silhouette , that you have exaggerated enough and are not clichés or having twinning (See article POSE)

The timing chosen to allow read perfectly actions, that physical laws are respected and that the movement is visually interesting and pleasing to the eye. Think Rhythm, Texture, Musicality, Contrast and Exaggeration. (See article TIMING)

And at last, assure that the movements correspond to your character and only this character ! Please check that both movements as Segundarias details and support actions of your character acting. (See HOW TO EXPLORE AN ACTING)

Gravad this acronym in your mind and those comprobad 3 points when doing your planning or your blocking.

I hope that was usefull…
Keep animating!!!



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    1. Hi Lucas,
      When I created that acronyme, I checked on google if it meant something and find out it got that meaning. Now I’m no expert at portuguese 🙂
      Thanks for helping me improving my knowledge.
      Hope you liked that article by the way

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