COMFORT or How to feel comfortable?

Hi everybody,
After spending so many hours in front of a computer, we tend to put ourselves in bad postures. The example in the picture above is inspired on some coworkers who will probably recognize themself…

Everyone has a different way of sitting, but some bad habits can lead us to future back and eyes problems , or others injuries that have not been investigated already…

Personally after working all day long, I usually end with contractures on the right shoulder and on the last production had to go several times to the therapist to put back my bones in place.

To avoid future problems and work in a pleasant and healthy environment, I try to follow those guidelines:

Ajust your chair to prevent back problems.
Do I have the knees at the same height as the hips?
Do I have a few centimeters space between the seat and the back of the knees?
Do I have the chair aligned with the arch of my back?
Are my legs supported equally on the floor?
Trick: Have you think about working with a standing desk?

Put your tools nearby.
Are my elbows below my shoulders creating an angle of almost 90 degrees?
Do I have my mouse or keyboard nearby to avoid having to search them?
Do I have my wrists in a relaxed posture while using my mouse and keyboard?
Have I removed the boxes and objects that avoid putting my legs properly?
Trick: Have you tried using a tablet or a vertical mouse instead of a mouse to have a more relaxed wrist?

Put your screen at a convenient height and distance to avoid neck or eyes problems.
Do I have multiple screens for greater visibility?
Have I checked the screen distance is between 40 and 70cm?
Do I have the top of my screen at the eye level?
Trick: Have you tried turning your second screen vertically for better distribution of your tools?

Manage your light sources to avoid been tired and headaches.
Do I have my screens placed perpendicular to windows or lighting sources?
Do I have a lamp that gives me another light source without causing dazzle or glare?

Recreate a comfortable environment.
Have I tried to avoid traffic areas?
Have I tried to avoid noisy environment?
Have I placed pictures, toys or plants that make me feel more comfortable?
Did I put drawings, notes and of course "checklists" that inspire me and help in my work?
Have I done everything possible to not disturb my colleagues and I tried to find compromises with them so we can all work together?

Get extra materials.
Do I have good headphones that isolate me and allows me listen to my audio clearly?
Do I have a screenmaker to draw my paths on the screen?
Do I have a notepad for notes and drawings?
Do I have trays to sort my papers?

Avoid overloading your body.
¿Do I rest my eyes during a few seconds each 20 minutes?
Do I make a break every hour during 5 minutes to relax my body?
Do I take the time to do some exercise outside the work?

In conclusion, spend few minutes to listen to your body, know which parts hurt and understand what you can do to feel more comfortable and increase the desire to go to work.

As Confucius use to say: «Choose a job you like and will never have to work again in your life»

I hope that was usefull…

Keep animating!!!




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