BLOCKING or How to create a good blocking step by step?

BLOCKING o ¿Cómo crear un buen blocking paso a paso?

Hi everybody, For me, Blocking is the crucial part of the development of a plane. In that stage, you have to make all the necessary information poses and time for your manager understands perfectly decisions that are going to take acting. The big question novice animator is to know when it ends…

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STAGING or How to make a Rough Blocking?

STAGING o ¿Cómo hacer un Rough Blocking?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), Rough Blocking stage perhaps to take fewer steps, but from my point of view, it is the most important. Once an organizer told me that :”The objective of the rough blocking is to be sure that even a child of 6 year old will understand it, as if it was a comic book… ” (No…

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TECHNICAL LAYOUT or How to prepare a scene?

TECHNICAL LAYOUT o ¿Cómo preparar una escena?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), As they often say : “Prevention is better than cure”. That's why when it comes to start a drawing, In addition to good planning, It is convenient to have a good technical layout. A menudo he tenido que replantearme un blocking por una mala gestión técnica o por darme cuenta demasiado tarde que hubiese ahorrado mucho…

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TOOLS or How to equip yourselves with tools?

TOOLS o ¿Cómo equiparos de herramientas?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), On a day-to-day of an animator we usually loose a lot of time with repetitive and heavy tasks which increase the factor of human error but we often forgot an important fact: We work with computers that can do those kind of tasks for us! For example, I remember I used to work the spacing, I used to create a…

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PLANNING or How to plan your shot?

PLANNING o ¿Cómo planificar su plano?

Hi everybody, The nine old men used to say “Spend half of your time planning and the other half animating“. I am aware that everyone will have their own methodology when planning, but I think that even if we use different tools, essentially all carry out these steps : · Understand · Search for inspiration · Explore · …

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GENERAL WORKFLOW or What are the different steps to create a shot?

WORKFLOW GENERAL o ¿Cuáles son las diferentes etapas a la hora de hacer un plano?

Hi everybody, When you are creating a shot, the fact skipping a stage may cause delays and loss of energy. Every animator has his own nomenclature but, as far as I could observed, everyone follow the same steps. Here I leave my checklist with these different steps and what I do in…

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