04 – As your character rigger in less than an hour

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How to create a facial and body quality standard rig, video games and film for beginners in Maya

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As your character rigger in less than an hour

Conocimentos have no rigging but you want to have a your character ready to cheer in less than an hour, this course is for you

I take over 10 years working as a supervising animator and in this course:

  • I will bring some basic knowledge of rigging
  • and very quickly you explain as your character rigger in less than an hour
  • Then we will see improve this rig to have you with professional quality
  • And finally we will see some tools to help us in encouraging
  • And see how load a cycle attitude in a couple of clicks

I put at your disposal the Maya files of the different stages of the creation of the rig

After this course, you can create your own rigs with a professional quality.


  1. David Esteban Zuluaga Ramírez

    Good evening Mr. Gabriel, I wanted to know before acquiring the course, if it comes with the character file and for which version of Maya the course is designed.

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