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Who am I and what kind of content produce?

Hi everybody, My name is Gabriel Garcia Poignet, also known as Mr. Poignet. Welcome to my Tipeee page!

During the 10 years I've spent in the animation industry, I have had the opportunity to work as an animation supervisor on several long and short films and as the director of an animation academy.

During several years, I have been trying to help artists to join the world of animation writing articles on my website, such as:
What are the different steps to create a shot?
How to stay in a good mood?
How to get all the information you need to create a shot?
What are the tools you need to animate?
How to create a good video reference?
How to prevent your animations from being "floaty"?

It is these questions and many others that I try to answer in the form of »Checklists»

Why am I on Tipeee?

Two things fascinate me: Teaching and animation and I would like to devote myself entirely.

That's why, through your financial support I could reinvest in a more professional equipment and create more ambitious projects.

Tipeee works the same way that the tip you give to a street artist after enjoying his performance. You'll become like a kind of patron and encourage the person to continue with his work.

Since today, I have written like thirty articles in which I transmit a series of lists or recipes to help animators in their methodology and learning.

But I have many other projects in mind:

Mr. Poignet : A character I am creating in order to illustrate my tutorials.
Translation of my articles : I write my articles in Spanish and as people is asking me for, I'm gradually translating into French and English.
Tutorials : One of my goals for the future is to create a series of tutorials.
Tips and tricks: Besides, I am thinking of producing a Youtube channel where I will share tips, anecdotes and more.
Online Feedback : To finish, I would like to establish a system that allows to give some feedback online.

In summary, a lot of ideas coming from an animator for animators in order to help you in your learning.

What are the rewards for tippers?

At this moment, I do not propose any rewards … I only ask you to be my patrons in a first time so I can bring my little stone to the world of animation as did those artist named in the right column.

But I hope that soon, depending of the evolution of my projects, I'll be able to compensate for those donations with feedbacks, either by mail, offline or online.

Thank you all!