MOTIVATION or how to think positive?

21-MotivationHi everybody (Translation in progress),
Hace un par de años, di una charla sobre motivación y para ganarme el interés de mis alumnos empecé con esa punchline : “Animar es frustrante!”(Well, “frustranteno fue exactamente la palabra que use 🙂 )

Es verdad que dedicamos mucho tiempo y energía a la hora de animar y no siempre se refleja en los resultados.

Los que han trabajado en la industria seguramente habrán llevado a un familiar al cine para enseñarle una película en la que han trabajado y a menudo se habrán encontrado con esa conversación:
TU : “Mira, allí va mi plano!”
FAMILIAR : “Cuál?”
TU : “Eh! Ya ha pasado…Well, ya te lo enseñaré cuando salga el DVD

En el día a día del trabajo del animador, we have to go through a series of frustrations that make our spirits go for a real roller coaster:
• Discouragement
• Gloom / Stagnation
• Difficulties
• Confusions
• Delivery Dates
• Changes
• Frustration of working for someone else
• Reviews

These frustrations make us forget how lucky we are to work in the film world and being able to give life to characters…

To avoid falling into these traps, I pass some tips that will allow you to raise your spirits:


In the first study where I was, He had a partner who was up every morning wanting to go to the job as we enjoyed a very good atmosphere and that those days were full of surprises.
• Dream Job : Lucky to be able to work on what you like and that many would like to do instead of being in a factory currando.
• Team : People with whom you work with the same passion that you. Seize to share, learn and laugh!

It is important to find several pillars in your life and not devote exclusively to work.
• Balance : Seek a balance in your life and dedicadle time all activities necessary for your welfare.
• Charge your battery : We are not made to work non-stop. Look for moments when you totally desconectéis of your work and you have come back charged batteries.
• Sport : Try to spend some time to be fit and clear your mind.
• Hobbies : Seek some hobbies that make you escape from your daily.

Seek inspiration every day to encourage your creativity.
• Digital coffee : Start your day watching animation material, drawing or just watching the work of your colleagues.
• Board : Colocad any things on the wall that you go to your artwork inspired (Photos, notes, checklists)

As I discuss in another article, is art is a great puzzle. Do activities that will allow you to grow as an animator and give another approach.
• Observation : Take the time to watch people to see how they act and move.
• Drawing : The drawing will allow you to win your appeal in poses.
• Dance : You understand better a movement through dance classes.
• Improvisation : Apuntaros some improv classes for your feelings more comfortable in front of a camera and improve your actings.
• Storytelling : Write down some small stories to understand the structures of a good script and character development.

The greatest satisfaction in life of an artist is to feel you are learning and progressing.
• Keep Learning : “An artist who does not want to learn is a creative dead artist”. Always think of that you have much to learn and formándoos throughout your career.
• Quality : Definid a quality goal and try to surpass each plane you do.
• Feedback : Be open to constructive criticism and Try to understand your weaknesses and improve them.

Stay focused on your work.
• Hard work : We are surrounded by many distractions (Internet, Facebook, companions, calls…) Centraros Try as much as possible in the time your plane will dedicate.
• Schedule : Fix a time during the day in which you handle your email so that you are not distracted during work. In the same way, definid one hour during the day that you be open to interruptions.
• Headphones : Consider using headphones to block out sounds and voices that you can draw from your environment and distract.

Note : Beware of black holes…For example, listen to music you can allow more centraros in your work but if you are changing all the time playlist as consequences that will have the opposite effect. Same with internet: One can rest a few minutes and look at an article, but we can fall into distraction and lose precious hours for our work. Try to analyze your everyday, cread time employment and follow it to the foot of letter.

Develop tools and methodologies for simplificaros life and be more effective.
• Planning : Planner your day in the morning to be clear about what you are going to have to do throughout the.
• Workflow : Pulid your methodology for not getting lost.
• Desktop : Organize your desktop machine regularly to your tasks.
• Fresh Eye : If you are lost in a plane, Change your plane. Shall return with a fresh eye later.
• Little by Little : By meeting a huge task ahead (Change, long shot, etc…) segmentad your work into small, achievable goals.

And last and probably the most important : The self-esteem!
• No Doubt : Elegid an idea and hold fast to it. Do not waste time to doubt your abilities or concepts. Be strong in your decisions!
• 50%-50% : I have often seen an animator was going through a bad patch just by observing a drop in the quality of its planes. Never forget that creating a good plan depends both on a good technical job as a good mood.
• Critics : Not all reviews are good. Learn to select those that accompany your vision or not do a medley of opinions around the world.
• Tell me how good I am : Do not hesitate to congratulate your colleagues. Shall come up the spirits of the team and they will probably give it back.

I hope that was usefull…
Keep animating!!!









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