X-SHEET or The tool I use to plan my shot?

X-SHEET o ¿Cuál es la herramienta para planificar su plano?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), Traditional animators always have on hand a Sheet or Sheet Exposure Exposure to plan your shots and transmit the information to the intercalators. further, They used to combine the planning with the creation of thumbnails… Personally, the xSheet serves me not only for the exploration of a plane but also as…

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B-SHEET or The tool I use to sort the director's notes

B-SHEET o La herramienta que utilizo para ordenar las notas del director

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), As I explained in a previous article, It is essential to recover all the information needed to create your flat. (See CASTING & LAUNCH) Many of us simply take note of these notes in a notebook but having to make a long or complicated plane is usually lost or obviate some…

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GATHERING or How to find an idea?

GATHERING o ¿Cómo encontrar una idea?

Hi everybody, It is not always easy to start a plane from scratch, either for a contest or a personal work… Many of us found a rig, an audio or an idea they like to work with but as soon as they start, they find theirself in front of the famous “blank page” what…

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CASTING & LAUNCH or How to get all the information you need?

CASTING & LAUNCH o ¿Cómo recuperar toda la información necesaria?

Hi everybody, Almost 90% of retakes in blocking due to the animator has not understood what was asked … During my years of production, I could see lots of shots “patched” until the end because of a communication problem. Whether because of the coordinator for not understanding what is…

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