SPACING or How to avoid “floaty animations”?

SPACING o ¿Cómo evitar que vuestras animaciones sean “floaty”?

Hi everybody, Often people often confuse Timing and Spacing. Timing is the time it takes to an action to happen, the arcs describe trajectories which will pass the elements and Spacing refers to the manner in which a moving object covers a distance of…

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KEYS or How to apply the different types of keys?

KEYS o ¿Cómo aplicar los diferentes tipos de claves?

Hi everybody, Keys or key poses are drawings describing the motion in an animation sequence. That's why I like to refer to them as extrems, whether in position or in time. I have often seen beginners putting to much keys on their shot (especially when…

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12 PRINCIPLES or How and when to use the 12 principles?

12 PRINCIPLES o ¿Cómo y cuándo usar los 12 principios?

Hi everybody, The first thing you learn when you study animation is the 12 principles and nowaday they still are the fundamental rules of the animators. But just knowing them is useless (except perhaps if you want to be the smart ass of the party) if we do not understand how to apply them when…

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FORCES or What are forces to be taken into account in animation?

FORCES o ¿Cuales son las fuerzas a tener en cuenta a la animación?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), Often you can see works of students guilty of credibility for lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of forces. All we have faced one day a famous criticism “Your animation is too floaty” O “Lacks weight, it seems that the character is under water!” One…

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TIMING o What are the 3 Keys to a good Timing?

TIMING o ¿Cuáles son las 3 Claves de un buen Timing?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), It is easier to detect bad timing problems rather than to explain how to do it right, Yet I think from my point of view, it's like the sense of rythm, it's quite innate. Basically, the timing is the time for a moving object to go from an extreme (Key pose)…

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POSE or All you need to know to make a good pose

POSE o Todo lo que hay que saber para hacer una buena pose

Hi everybody, I wanted to write some articles about the different stages of workflow, until I realized that I had to talk about the cornerstone of animation first : The pose. I was recently talking with a former student of mine who told me that most of the changes that are requested are…

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