OBSERVATION or How to read a reference video?

OBSERVATION o ¿Cómo leer una vídeo referencia?

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), Surely you will have heard that the key to being a good animator living in these 3 words: Observation, observation and observation. It seems quite easy but when you start in the world of animation one wonders: “Vale, I'll watch my video reference…but do I have to set me?” The answer is quite simple…

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“PATEGO” or The magic word to create a good shot

“PATEGO” o La palabra mágica para crear un buen plano

Hi everybody (Translation in progress), PATEGO means stupid in Portuguese…It is done, End of Article! Vale, I will develop a little more. I have you ever wondered how, along animation production, planes or people who had no special interest become stars planes passing through the hands of this or that…

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VIDEO REFERENCE or How to create a video reference?

VIDEO REFERENCE o ¿Como crear una vídeo grabación?

Hi everybody, Many told me that they don't film themselves because they juge they don't have enough time, they don't know how to act or because they consider that's rotoscoping. I made my own reflection and wondered: · Is it essential video recording? No, but personally I recomend it even though it depends on the type of production and style of the project. · …

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